I’ve never skied before. Would this holiday be appropriate for me?

Yes, yes, yes. The local ski area around the village is the perfect learning zone. We also have excellent ties with the local ESF ski school who will look after you and ensure you get to learn this incredible new skill, safely and kindly building your confidence through the week.

I’ve never done yoga before. Would this holiday be suitable for me?

Different teachers have different agendas with their yoga programme. Please contact the teacher running the week of your interest to discuss this. Ideally, if you have time in your everyday life, try to get to a beginners course of yoga before the holiday. This will mean that you can enjoy the immersion into everyday yoga with confidence.

How much does a lift pass cost?

This depends on how many days you wish to ski and the ski area you wish to explore. A beginner is probably fine with a local pass for 6 days whereas a more experienced skier would probably want one for the full area. There is also the option for intermediate skiers of using the 6 day pass for one day at the adjacent ski area of Les Deux Alpes. You can buy the lift pass in the village on your arrival day or on line in advance. http://www.sataski.com/en/winter/

How much do ski lessons cost?

We are so lucky to have Alex who runs the ESF ski school on the team. He comes to the chalet on our first night and discusses what level folk are at and what they want. He helps to build bespoke programmes for your skiing needs. Prices will depend on whether you go for private sessions or group classes. We’ve watched him work with complete beginners and expert skiers alike with great results. Here is the website. http://www.esf-villard-reculas.com/en/

Can I hire skis, boards etc?

Yes. There is one ski hire shop in the village. We receive 20% off for hire on our ski/yoga holidays. They also have a ski servicing facility. https://ski-hire-sport2000.co.uk/ski-resort/france/isere/alpes/villard-reculas-440.html

What else is there to do locally other than yoga, downhill skiing or snowboarding?

Village heritage tours, local walking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, nordic skiing, guided sunset walks, husky trips, skido tours, yooner sessions, tobogganing, helicopter ride to Les Deux Alpe, and there are great sports facilities in Alpe D’Huez including an outdoor swimming pool. There is a free bus to Alpe D’Huez or you can use the ski lift to get there.