The 2019 Course Programme

Yoga with Sharon and Gary Carter
30 Sep - 07 Oct 2019



Sharing Cabin  £785 per person

Early Bird price: £725 per person if paid in full by 30th June 2019

Single Cabin £875

Early Bird price: £795 if paid for in full by 30th June 2019


En-suite rooms:

£80 supplement per person for shared en-suite

£150 supplement for single occupation en-suite


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Gary will teach the afternoon sessions, with focus on anatomy of movement via his Scaravelli influence in the practice, revealing a completely different way to approach the asanas, playing with gravity, creating the conditions for the body to “undo”.

Each morning Sharon will lead the group into a gentle fluid practice incorporating Gary’s teachings from the evening before. She will teach the morning sessions and Gary teaches the afternoons, and they will teach the first and the last sessions together.

Massage and structural integration will be available daily.

Gary Carter, founder of the Natural Bodies Centre, has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. He is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, personal trainer, nutritional advisor & shiatsu practitioner. Focusing on movement and hands-on bodywork has proved time & again to be a potent blend of practices to assist his clients & students not only to find health, poise & balance in their bodies but also to ease & deal with pain & injury, be it acute or chronic conditions.


Sharon, born in Brazil to English parents, has lived in London since 1989. She discovered yoga 20 years ago and has been teaching since 2002. With both Iyengar and Scaravelli influences in her practice and a particular interest in anatomy of movement, Sharon doesn’t teach one particular style of yoga, preferring to encourage students to experience and explore movement and postures through the release of tension and the use of the breath, and to challenge themselves physically and mentally, listening to their bodies, unravelling the tensions and torsions created by our day-to-day lives, allowing space for the body to rediscover its natural balance.


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