The 2020 Course Programme

Into The Wild with Naomi Absalom
18 Jul - 25 Jul 2020




£850 in twin sharing / £935 in twin en-suite

£935 in single cabin / £1070 in twin en-suite

We look forward to welcoming you…


“Thanks so much for the last week, it really was incredible. I’m so happy to have found a teacher that is basically packaging up all of the things I’m interested in – an amazing set of practices with heavy weight knowledge and experience to back it all up”

 – Jonathan 2018

“Quite simply the best yoga retreat I have ever been on. Richer, fuller, deeper and all encompassing.”

– Greg 2014

“I felt so clear and determined when I arrived in London last Saturday. Naomi, your work definitely has effects beyond the body, I felt with the energy and power of a dragon when I arrived to my normal day to day life which is absolutely uncommon in me.”

– Gabriela 2018

‘INTO THE WILD’ – Let’s bring you back to yourself via a variety of powerful techniques…

Attendees can look forward to many diverse practices – there is always a strong focus on the nervous system – voicework, powerful breathwork, creative and somatic movement, as well as dynamic explorations of vinyasa and mobility work. Often as the sun is rising we will walk down to a truly beautiful stretch of unspoilt coastline to complete our morning breath practices and perhaps take a dip in the sea before coming up for the morning asana practice.

Following breakfast most people head off back down the track again. We spend the day chilling in the shade, lounging on the rocks and swimming and snorkelling before coming up for our evening practices.

This retreat will challenge you, guide you, help you to release some of the things that bind you and get you ready to move forward into the rest of your life.

Most people arrive on yoga retreats on their own – which is perfectly normal and totally acceptable! In terms of accommodation we can pair you with someone wonderful or you can stay in your own cabin and have some space to yourself. Very little time is spent in the rooms but regardless – there is so much space around, everyone gets time to themselves whenever they want it.


My work and practice is mostly inspired by the power of community, group energy and exploring the infinite potential of the body and mind as a tool for awakening. Although the techniques and my inspirations are forever changing, my overall aim has remained the same over 15 years of teaching – to create a safe and nurturing dynamic where each individual is able to plug into the presenting current of creative energy.

Creativity is the life blood of my work and practice. I am much less interested in the shape of asana, more intrigued by what lies beyond the boxes we often ease ourselves into for comfort.  I believe that creativity within movement can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. I am an anatomy nerd but not fixated on aesthetics; an observer of ritual but never through habit – I am always willing to burn the house down and start all over again.