The 2020 Course Programme

Trekking and Yoga Retreat with Bella Somerset
05 Sep - 12 Sep 2020


  • Shared accommodation £725 per person
    Single accommodation £785
  • En-suite bathroom supplement £50pp shared or £100 single


For details of Bella’s Trekking, Coaching and Yoga Programme or to make a booking please contact Bella:

Tel: (+44) (0)7928535949

Re-connect to yourself, nature and each other

When the mind is too busy – clarity on how to feel balanced in the mind, body and spirit may become overwhelming.

Suleyman’s Garden beautiful surroundings holds space for you to let go of control, stressors and the micro-management of your life. Delegate to our team to guide you through holistic practices of yoga, beautiful coastal and mountain hiking, healthy nourishment and coaching. You’ll connect deeply with like minded yogis through shared experience and growth. You’ll get the clarity you seek and set achievable intentions to live with greater alignment back home.

Yoga is a physical practice of linking movement with breath to still the mind – a still, content, calm mind is the foundation for balance. By building the habit of a yoga practice, it serves as a tool to maintain your routine back home.


Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.’ CS Lewis

Bella’s bio: I help to inspire and empower people to overcome negative behaviour habits and negative mental outlooks around the ‘self’ and feeling ‘lesser than.’ Supporting clients on the path to success by building an inner sense of confidence. They’ll feel hope and patience around their goals. Thus, they’ll calm the mind, and live with greater balance and confidence.

I know the challenges around mental health and eating behaviours, I share with others the tools I use to live with more balance in life.

I’m a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a trained Yoga Teacher and a Mountain Leader

My coaching is a two-steps-forward, one-step-back approach…learning from mistakes, letting go of perfection, accepting you’ll make mistakes again in the future. I stress the importance of vulnerability and community support. Greater honesty allows support to go deeper and will help me guide you in the right direction or to the right practitioner. Healing is much more effective when we shift the focus from the ‘self’ to being of value to others. It’s a win-win.

For details of Bella’s Trekking, Coaching and Yoga Programme or to make a booking please contact Bella:

Tel: (+44) (0)7928535949