The 2020 Course Programme

Yoga, Meditation and Enquiry with Ayala Gill
16 May - 23 May 2020

For Accommodation and Food:
Triple: £525
Twin: £575
Single: £725 (limited availability)
Single (furnished tent): £575


RESERVATIONS OR ENQUIRIES: please contact me on

I am really excited to be returning to the powerful land and warm hospitality of Southern Turkey.

This retreat is an opportunity to dive deeply into yourself while being supported by nature and conscious community. To wake up to the wonder of life and find your inner expression. On retreat we use each moment as a gateway to enter into sacred relationship with life. We reconnect with body, mind, heart and Spirit to remember who we are, and begin to heal the wounds of separation. Yoga, meditation, stillness, movement, silence, dialogue and ceremony are all supports we draw on together.

The retreat will mostly be held in social silence, where you will be guided to discover the wonderful benefits of relaxing our habit of chatting, to encourage deeper inner-communing. The silence, reflection and mindful dialogue allow us to come together in deep trust and support as we let go of old armouring, and the normal ways we define ourselves and others. It creates a very loving space between us.

The days will typically begin with an optional silent meditation at 7.30am, followed by breakfast at 8am. We gather for meditation, reflection and active yoga from 9.30am to 1pm, followed by a delicious spread of vegetarian, Mediterranean food. After time for rest and being in nature, we come together again for a yin yoga practice from 4.30pm until dinner at 7pm. The evenings may be times for meditation, spontaneous movement, singing or sharing, fire ceremony and more!

For my teaching:
I offer these retreats using the Dana system, an ancient method of conscious energetic exchange/barter. After the retreat, I ask you to reflect on what you received and what you would like to offer in return for the support and teachings you received. I trust you to choose an amount that is appropriate for you and this type of work. I suggest an amount that feels like you are making a dedicated commitment to yourself, the work, and my time and energies.


I am indebted, first of all, to Audrey Pattison for having had the foresight and courage to start a children’s Iyengar yoga class in a London state primary school in the 1970s. Without any conceptual understanding as a 6 year old, I simply knew I had found something that helped me feel how I knew I could feel. I discovered that I could choose where to place my attention, and the effect was one of my mind coming home. This sparked a connection with Iyengar yoga that has been maintained, although not unquestioningly, throughout my life.
In my early 20s I spent a year working with the Tibetan community in exile in Dharamsala supporting Tibetan architectural heritage, and living amongst the Tibetan Lamas and Rinpoches (senior teachers) whose presence offered me more than any teachings could have at this time in my life. By the end of the year I felt ready to attend my first vipassana meditation retreat, and sat for 20 days in silence, guided by the inspirational Christopher Titmuss, co-founder of Gaia House in Devon. The insights from this first retreat have remained a compass for my practices ever since.

These have led me on a journey that have included both a widening of my understanding as well as a process of embedding and embodying these insights into the midst of what it is to live with warm-hearted awareness in everyday life. I am passionate about a lifelong exploration of yoga, meditation and heart-based enquiry as paths of awakening, and bow at the feet of my teachers both formal and informal.


RESERVATIONS OR ENQUIRIES: please contact me on