The 2020 Course Programme

Hearts Wide Open Retreat with Lulu & Mischka
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2020


From 795€


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Expand into Oneness ~ Let your Spirit be activated ~ Embody the elements
Chanting ~ Yoga ~ Nature immersion ~ Stillness & meditation ~ Celebration
…. time to be… a full day sailing trip and more…​
This is a week designed to feel radiantly alive, to let the hearts be wide open, rest into full Love and Oneness.
Each day starts with a yoga or morning movement session and includes 2 more sessions.
We will use singing, chanting as one of the main forms to celebrate, meditate and connect.

About Lul and Lischka:

Lulu & Mischka are lovers of life, yogis and musicians that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms to bring people together to unite in sound and silence, remembering who we are. Their offerings see them travel the globe for concerts, workshops and retreats as well as receiving inspirations, as they spend time in sacred power places and with teachers wherever they go.
Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening English lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom. Their love for one another is infectious, their faith in humanity authentic and grounded.
Both Lulu & Mischka draw on over a decade of studies and committed self-practice of yoga and meditation as a transformational path, inspired by various traditions and teachers. Lulu has been passionately sharing her knowledge through coaching seekers towards their highest potential and also towards full freedom in vocal expression. Mischka uses bodywork as a tool to support freedom in body, mind and soul through his compassionate, clear and sensitive art of touch.

The married couple understands to effortlessly bridge different worlds by sharing their passion for heart felt conscious music, mindfulness and yoga in grass roots gatherings of transformation as well as high-end health and wellness resorts.