The 2019 Course Programme

Wild Love with Kat Basquill
12 Oct - 17 Oct 2019


Shared room £575

Single occupation £725

For enquiries or to book please contact Kat 


Join Kat Basquill for a Mandala Vinyasa yoga retreat.  Each day we connect to an element based from the Mayan Calendar and call upon its energies to guide us and soothe us.

There will be an invigorating morning Mandala Vinyasa & a more restorative evening practice where we work with Yin, Restorative and Nidra. Time between is your own; lounge in the last tastes of the Summer’s sunshine, explore the wild National Park, or take a trip to the beach/town. I offer Tarot readings & Reiki for an extra dose of medicine.

I would love this to be a sweet escape from cold city Autumn to reconnect with yourself. Please be very free; whether you wish to practice or sip sherry on a sunbed, I support you. It’s so easy to lose our own rhythm, lose our trust in ourselves & dilute our essence. Let this recharge that, dose up with the wildest love.


About Kat

Kat came to yoga to soothe anxiety from performing and studying music. She found it a huge medicine, and it quickly became her anchor.  She believes there is so much potential healing by connecting to yourself on the mat – whether you practice flying or Just Being. Her classes are creative, compassionate and playful.

Kat has over 500 hours of training in Vinyasa, Yin, Mandala & Forrest.  She is always grateful for her beloved London teachers; Naomi Absalom, Leila Sadeghee & Jonelle Lewis, who have taught her to be unapologetically herself.  She is inspired by Patti Smith, wildflowers, & those who stand strong to their own heartbeat.

For enquiries or to book please contact Kat