The 2019 Course Programme

The Me Me Me Retreat with Meg Jackson
05 Aug - 10 Aug 2019


There are some super super early bird deals if you book before Sunday 20th May. Don’t forget that there are only two double rooms for single occupancy available, so if you definitely don’t want to share, please do book soon.


Prices from £725 for 5 nights in a shared room for early bird booking

For further details please contact Meg


Real Life Yoga is all about helping real people like you bring a little (or a lot) of yoga into their real life, and this holiday will be no different. I am all about making the amazing practices and awesome tools yoga offers, accessible to every body (even us mortals with tight hamstrings!).

If you’ve done a bit of yoga in the past you’ll get the most out of our sessions; if you know your way around a sun salutation or two that’s great, but if you’re not quite there I’ll offer plenty of modifications to help get you up to speed. Rest assured no crazy levels of bendiness are required.

Our morning practices will be simple-but-strong vinyasa flow to get body, breath and mind working together. We’ll be focussing on foundations so you’ll get really familiar with the practice, making it easier to start every day feeling fabulous.

The late-afternoon sessions will each have more of a workshop-feel. There will be a different focus for each one, with a juicy combination of mind-managing, body-bending, spirit-lifting, and breath-balancing.

And there will definitely be the most important bit of every yoga class: a lusciously long savasana.


‘Meg is a very good instructor. I have been to a lot of classes over the years and hers are exceptional. I loved her words of wisdom which send you home with a positive mind.’


Joining the Me Me Me retreat you’ll receive:

  • Two yoga sessions a day; a 75 minute class every morning and a 90 minute workshop-style session in the late afternoon. (Apart from the ‘freedom’ day when there will be only one session in the morning.)
  • Pre-bedtime meditation session every night. (Some guided, some self-guided.)
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals every day.
  • Fruit, water, teas and coffees.
  • The luxury of time to do what you want!

I began practicing yoga almost ten years ago – purely to get arms like Madonna. Yeah. Not for spiritual enlightenment. Or inner peace. Or even because I wanted to be a better person.  I wanted Madge’s biceps and I had heard somewhere that she got them through a thing called ‘Ashtanga Yoga’.

So I went. And I hated it.

I thought I was going to die in my first Downward Dog. My Triangle Pose had the tone and refinement of a bit of Toblerone left out in the sun. And trying to stand on one leg was so frustrating I wanted to punch someone.

But I kept going.

And so yoga and I began this long, sometimes dysfunctional relationship. We have had our differences but despite our emotional rollercoaster, yoga and I decided to make it official. In 2007 I qualified as a yoga teacher. Since then I’ve taught internationally, working with all sorts of people; from those who have never attempted anything yogic, to folks who can become a human pretzel at the drop of a yoga mat.

I’m very much a real person, trying to incorporate yoga’s amazing teachings and practices into her real life, finding out how I can be happier and healthier, and I figured that there are probably a few more people like me out there too.

Yoga is for EVERY BODY. All you need is a desire to feel better than you do. You need to be curious about how you can make that happen. And you need to have a sense of humour (after all, it’s only yoga).