The 2018 Course Programme

Easter Yoga in Rome with Marina Wallace
29 Mar - 03 Apr 2018


£765 shared room

£1135 single room


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Join Marina for this exclusive 5-night retreat staying at her exquisite historic villa on the outskirts of Rome. Combine deeply restorative yoga sessions with an informative and intimate guided visit to the Eternal City at this special time of celebration.


Marina will teach three sessions of yoga daily.

Following meditation, a gentle early morning yoga session will be held before breakfast. Following breakfast and a pause to walk, swim, sunbathe, or rest, late morning will feature an invigorating yoga session prior to lunch.

Before the evening meal, there will be a late afternoon session preceded by a Satsang session (a guided dialogue about the most important things in life as reflected through yoga philosophy).

Cultural Tour

On Easter Sunday, Marina will take a break from yoga, to guide her students on a visit to Rome wearing her other hat of art historian/curator. A native Roman, Marina is also an art curator, and is author and editor of the tenth volume of La Cultura Italiana, among many other publications on art and culture. She graduated in Art History and Classics, so you couldn’t hope for a better-informed and more knowledgeable guide to Rome.



About Marina

I trained initially in contemporary dance, many years ago. I continued with contemporary dance whilst taking up yoga.

Iyengar yoga was my first love, together with Hatha Yoga.

I practiced for several years at the Iyengar Institute in Maida Vale. I later trained as a yoga teacher at YogaCampus, in London, Islington and Notting Hill Gate, after having taught art history and worked as an art curator  all my life (hence the title “Professor” in my email address).

Hatha Yoga is the style I teach, together with a base of Iyengar and elements of other types of yoga. A strong influence in my teaching has been that of one of my teachers, Aki Omori, who is also a somatic movement therapist and educator, working with developmental movement patterns, experiential anatomy, and Authentic Movement. Aki practiced for many years with Clive Sheridan, studied with Donna Farhi and with Erich Schiffmann. From Aki I learned to take a deep approach to yoga in its physical expression, paying attention to posture, habitual movement, and skeletal structure.

Some of my teachers at Yoga Campus, such as, for instance, Susanne Lahusen – who studied with Richard Freeman – have also had a profound influence on my teaching and my interest in anatomy, physiology, and sequencing. I come from an arts background, and have specialised for many years in the relationship between the arts and the sciences. In my academic work I have investigated the neurosciences and molecular biology. All of it has contributed to a further interest in the deeper structure of our body as well as our mind.

I approach my teaching with an awareness of the elements fundamental to the movement of body and mind.  I pay attention to my students’ needs and specificities offering yoga at different levels, according to ability and am happy to work with beginners and advanced practitioners in the same group, calibrating the practice to ensure that the poses are absorbed with greater intensity.

I consider what I teach in yoga to be also a metaphor for our spirit and mind.

For further information or to book please contact Jane or Rowan on