Turkey Travel Information


Monday (and occasionally Saturday) is travel day and yoga courses start on the following morning.

Huzur Vadisi: The transfer to Huzur Vadisi is 45 minutes. We can arrange transfers for you. The transfer cost of £20pp each way is based on 5 group transfers on travel day. If you arrive or leave very late, or on another day, you may be charged the full transfer cost of £45 one–way.

The Pomegranate and Suleyman’s Garden: The transfer is 1.5 hours from Dalaman airport. We can arrange a minibus or taxi transfer for you. The price depends on your arrival time and numbers. It can be between £20 to £50 pp each way. It may involve linking up with or waiting for others to arrive.

We let everyone know the most convenient and least expensive options for travel when we have all the flight information for your group. It is worth checking with your teacher before booking your flight to see when others are arriving to keep your transfer costs down.


There are several companies flying to Turkey. Due to most charter flights from UK to Dalaman being on a Monday, generally that is our travel day (with a few exceptions).

Prices vary according to time of booking or season. It is advisable to book early to get the best prices.

If you wish to arrange for your group to arrive on one flight please contact Kay at www.robinson-travel.com tel: 01237 476798

Other flights are available at:-
Thomas Cook: www.flythomascook.com
Easyjet: www.easyjet.com
Monarch: www.monarch.co.uk
Skyscanner: www.skyscanner.net
Cheapflights Canada: www.cheapflights.ca
Cheapflights UK: www.cheapflights.co.uk


Anyone travelling to Turkey is now required to purchase an online visa before entering the country – this can be purchased from the following website: www.evisa.gov.tr
The fee is US$20
The visa needs to be printed and taken with you.

Your passport must be valid for a further six months from the date you leave Turkey.